Every Penny Stays Local

Every dollar raised here stays here to support the mission of the Pensacola Breast Cancer Association. Currently, the funds raised are distributed to Baptist Health Care and Sacred Heart Hospital. Through our funds, both hospitals provide free mammograms to women (and some men) who are underinsured or without insurance altogether.

Baptist Health Care

During the 2013-2014 fiscal year, Baptist Health Care provided 215 mammogram screenings and diagnostics, with 62 women scheduled for short-term follow-ups and six women receiving biopsies. In the past six years, more than 1,200 women have received free screenings.

Sacred Heart Hospital

Donations to Ann L. Baroco Center for Breast Health at Sacred Heart Hospital in 2013 provided 217 women with access to screenings, diagnostic mammography, breast ultrasounds, cyst aspirations and breast biopsies. During the last five years, funding helped provide hundreds of these services leading to 64 breast biopsies assisting 18 women in the early detection of their breast cancer and potentially saving the life of that mother, sister, wife, daughter and friend.